The Ageless Mind Quiz

1) Do You love Yourself?

A) Yes! I’m great!

B) Oh, I never thought about it.           

C) No! I’m not conceited!

3) When viewing da Vinci’s

famous painting, Mona Lisa, you are thinking:

A) You wish you could have met her.

B) You see a special quality and identify with her.

C) You think her make up and hairstyle need some

   professional help!

4) Your much younger

co-worker invites you to a new hot trendy nightclub


A) It’s important that you fit in, so you borrow and squeeze into your       daughter’s tight jeans and halter top.

B) You call all the older friends you know and beg them to join you.                  

C) You know every age can be sexy and vital and are up for the         `     adventure.

2) When you look in  the

mirror, what do you say

to yourself?

A) Wow! I am so lucky to be who I am!

B) Well... I guess this is the best it’s going to get!                   

C) Man, I’m getting old!

5. You’re dining with a man ten years your junior and the waitress refers to you as his mom, you:

A) Feel mortified, cut the dinner short and stiff the waitress.

B) Laugh and retort “You silly girl, I have pantyhose older

   than you, what would you know?”                    

C) Simply ignore her and continue enchanting your

   handsom dinner date.

Write Down your answers as you go along.  Have Fun!


The Results