My Sister,

I have included subtitles to ensure deaf and hard of hearing women just like my sister Jackee can fully enjoy the Ageless Woman Workout!

My sister and I were born in the fifties. Jackee, fourteen months before me. We were raised in a normal suburban setting in Northern California, with one exception, Jackee was born deaf. She started oral deaf classes at the young age of three. Mom dropped me off with one of my loving Grandmothers and took my sister to school five days a week.

In many ways I became Jackee's ears and her interpreter to the world around us. Back then the social acceptance was to integrate the deaf into the hearing world. Today with technology and socially heightened awareness, there is more fusing of the two. I spent many hours hanging out with Jackee and her deaf friends developing our own special communication.

Although we did not sign (except our own made up gestures) we did quite well. Even to this day, when I run into a deaf or hard of hearing individual, I am able to open up a line of communication quickly.

Jackee is a successful Ageless Woman with two grown children, two grandchildren and a loving Husband, who is also deaf. She has enjoyed her career of many years as an Outreach Coordinator/Client Advocate for Nor/Cal Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Staying physically active has kept her in great shape, she recently entered and completed a 5KM walk/run and is active with a local deaf women's hiking group.

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