Invest only 30 minutes, Twice a week

Get the Glow Back in Your Skin Again

Build Stronger Bones and Muscles

Energize Every Cell in Your Body

Create Amazing Flexibility

Recapture That Invincible Feeling You Used to Have

Feel Great about You, Your Body and Your Life

Jeannine’s Ageless Woman Workout DVD is a 30 minute, easy, fun, complete workout for women on the go.  Even if you think you’re a couch potato, you can do this.  This full body workout designed to address every beauty muscle in the body, even the face. The use of empowering affirmations enhance the experience of being truly connected, Mind, Body and Spirit. It’s like your own personal mini retreat.

I feel younger, sexier, more attractive and more energetic than I have in years.  But, there was a time when my days felt like I was on a treadmill.  There weren’t enough hours in the day and I was constantly struggling to keep up.  Honestly, I felt old. I started doing my own workout in front of the TV a couple nights a week.  Gradually I noticed I was getting stronger, more fit and happier.  Now I’m so excited – I just have to share my 30-minute Ageless Workout with you.

Exercise for Older Women | Ageless Woman Workout

Give yourself the

gift of love and


by doing the Ageless Woman Workout!