Jeannine’s Class Schedule

At Barbara Greenspun’s WomensCare Center

                      100 Green Valley Pkwy, third Floor – 616-4900

                 At 215 and GV Pkwy adjacent to the Smith’s Shop Ctr.

Tuesday –      Ageless Woman Workout - 9AM ($5.00)

                   Show Girl Workout – 10AM (8.00)

Wednesday – Gentle Yoga – 9AM – THIS IS A FREE CLASS !

                  Show Girl Workout – 10:00AM ($8.00)

Thursday –    Ageless Woman Workout – 9AM ($5.00)

                  Show Girl Workout – 10AM ($8.00)

Every 2nd Saturday, (9am – Noon) - St Rose Hospital (San Martin Campus)


A Mini Retreat Designed Especially For You! Hosted by Joan Peck – & Jeannine Martin –

          Each Month a New Topic!  A New Guest! A New Experience!

For More Info on my classes and the Sun, Moon & Stars call 702.418.0604


Ageless Woman Workout  

A 30 minute workout followed by a 9 minute meditation This workout builds a strong connection between the body, mind and spirit.

Discover your strength on every level through slow movement with weights,

empowering affirmations and yoga stretches.

Learn how to tap into your “Woman Power” Excellent for all fitness levels.

Show Girl Workout

Bring out the “Show Girl Within” Fun, Fantasy Movement to Smooth Jazz Music - Building a smooth body with low impact aerobic movements with focus on having fun, core strengthening and body power, feeling hot & Beautiful! Light weights optional.

Gentle Yoga

Meditation, stretching and beginning asanas with emphasis on light and easy movement connecting mind, body and spirit through breath. If you have never done yoga before, this is truly a relaxing entry level class.