The Four Ageless Components

There are four components that make the
Ageless Woman Workout a complete workout:

Visualization: As part of our warm up, we bring you to a higher level of connection with your physical, mental and spiritual self by visualizing the benefits before starting any movement.

Weights: We use weights to achieve the maximum strength building in your body through slow, sustained movement and minimal workout time. Studies have shown the use of weights builds strong muscles and bone mass. We also use the weights to develop physical balance and trust.

Yoga: We use yogic stretches and breathing to relieve stress, oxygenate your system, and teach beauty, allowing you to work from the inside out.

Meditation: This is used to connect with yourself at your highest level, confirming and enhancing your strong physical self, your open heart, your positive mind and your ever-present spirit.

Say Yes To Life!

If you are a busy woman wishing to slow down the aging process, build strong bones and muscles, revitalize your mind and feel better about yourself, this program is for you!