Like many companies, The Humann Company began as a small firm, providing services for modest projects to both homeowners and developers alike. Such undertakings included simple boundary surveys for property line fences, additions and landscape improvements, to the design of major subdivisions, grading and drainage plans for single family homes, and the processing of various land use permits. As the corporation expanded, it began to serve large scale projects, but maintained loyalty to the sector that that gave the company its start. To this day, The Humann Company is known for its ability to serve clients with projects varying in size scope and budget. This flexibility has contributed to the staying power of the firm as it has weathered many turbulent economic times over the last four decades.


As Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors, we are diverse in many practices of land development including hydrology and hydraulic work, grading paving and drainage, street design and all other types of public works projects. From planning to municipal engineering, our firm is backed by a wealth experience that ensures dedication to quality and service.

While our surveying services are closely connected to our engineering projects, we also provide independent surveying associated with industrial work, precise horizontal and vertical alignment, boundary and topographic work and expert witness services.

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