Surveying and Land Planning Walnut Creek, CA

This service is provided under the direction of David Bartholomew, a California Registered Professional Land Surveyor who has been with the Humann Company Since 1991, with 3 decades of hands on experience in the field and office. Mr. Bartholomew enjoys an outstanding reputation throughout the Bay Area, and the firm is fortunate to have him in principle management.

Services include layout staking as required for all proposed improvements associated with developments designed by our firm, as well as Architects and outside engineers.

Typically, these improvements include Grading, storm drainage, parking lots, curbs and gutters, utilities, buildings, building foundations, piling locations, etc. We also provide layout surveying that is connected with high-rise construction for beam and girder placement in the post foundation stages of a project. Services in construction staking have additionally included work for airports, rapid transit, refinery work, tank farms, oil and other fuel lines traversing within the facility, as well as overland.