Surveying and Land Planning Walnut Creek, CA

Our service in this division is managed under the direction of Rick Humann, partner in the firm of a professional licensed Land Surveyor. This service include topographic mapping that is necessary for the design of various projects, either designed by our firm, or as designed by others, including architects. We also provide “As-Built” surveys for completed construction projects as well as ALTA surveys that are often required in commercial land transactions. Services in this area also include establishment of boundary lines in smaller urban and suburban areas, as well as rural underdeveloped acreage, parklands and the like.


Parklands Subdivision in Oakley

This section of our surveying department also covers expert witness services associated with land and boundary disputes, along with forensic surveying that is often needed to facilitate the analyses of traffic accidents or other catastrophic events. Other services include elevation certificates, volume calculations, structure and tree height determinations, sight distance surveys, and other various services associated with land development.